Announcement: Adjustments to refund processes from Oct 1, 2022

The following refund types will no longer be available starting Oct 1, 2022.

TWX swaps into KLV (TRC20) will come to an end.

TWX has been delisted from exchanges for quite some time, exchanging TWX for KLV will no longer be possible from Oct 1, 2022.

Pre-KleverChain APR staking contract reimbursements to cease

With KleverChain now running for more than 2 months, the old APR staking contract is coming to an end. Reimbursements will no longer be processed from Oct 1, 2022 of the old pre-KleverChain APR contracts i.e. the 16%, 12% and 10% contracts.

We will continue to support KLV (TRC20) migration to KLV (mainnet) until further notice. To migrate your KLV (TRC20) to KLV (mainnet), please use our swap technology in Klever Wallet, K4.

For any questions, please direct them to our support teams.

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