Klever burns 24 million KLV (120k USD) from Staking, moves Klever Foundation funds to public addresses for increased transparency

The Klever Foundation has burned over 24 million KLV generated from Staking in the Klever app, and for increased transparency will be distributing 953M KLV of Foundation funds to public addresses.

Klever.io is thrilled to reveal that the Klever Foundation has burned 24,733,137 KLV, which amounts to 120,277 USD at current market price. The now burned 24 million KLV were generated from KLV Staking inside the Klever app, and is a clear testimony to how efficient staking KLV with Klever is.

The hash from the 24.7M KLV burn, the largest coin burn by the Klever team to date representing 0,6% of current circulating supply of 4,172,596,720 KLV, can be found here:


In an effort to increase transparency as well as security measures, the Klever Foundation funds will move the previously staked 953 million KLV in Foundation funds to 10 public addresses, giving the global Klever community a simple and direct way to verify the addresses by themselves.

The contract address that will receive the 953M in Klever Foundation funds is the following:

The Klever Foundation funds will then be distributed to the following 10 public addresses, with subsequent corresponding KLV amount:

TBmKCtscG34xEgQdCTRMvRMKfyoABHqesx, 53,000,000.00 KLV

TN3FdUAMa8QeQFQrgVr98zeNRSSvmrPvAg 100,000,000.00 KLV

TVm4cTjEsVCwe2ZjXSm5Kc3vBSNginwz7v 100,000,000.00 KLV

TMowwaAbYUjtw6W7wwZmDPZWHJst5wRTPn 100,000,000.00 KLV

TTo1ef1pQpj6FE3TfrY36bqrjwAX4QWyFn 100,000,000.00 KLV

TDmb1LTYKvvKGAYdKYMq1RkQ2AcbcanemE 100,000,000.00 KLV

TTrCkGx4dJis4xn731qNTLNYCnmPQPEH8c 100,000,000.00 KLV

TL5xofijPAM27T2ALkbAVwcDUUcZEan1Tk 100,000,000.00 KLV

TMe79ffXhYbwPk8zAC8n6vXZo4fXDer9oy 100,000,000.00 KLV

TPVJzWV3LLaoMm6iybi8wNA5NhLXisafKF 100,000,000.00 KLV

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Klever.io team

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