Klever joins Web3 Domain Alliance to advance blockchain naming ecosystem

Klever's commitment to interoperable and secure blockchain domain registries

We are excited to announce that Klever has recently joined the Web3 Domain Alliance, a group dedicated to promoting the development and advancement of blockchain domain registries. As a member of this alliance, we are committed to supporting the development of unique and interoperable blockchain domain namespaces, as well as advocating for the legal protection and market acceptance of blockchain namespace.

The Web3 Domain Alliance believes that blockchain-based generic web3 Top Level Domains (“TLDs”) developed and marketed by a specific organization are intellectual property, and that industry participants should respect the intellectual property rights of all blockchain naming services for the benefit of consumers as well as applications that want to support blockchain domain functionality. This aligns perfectly with our vision at Klever, as we strive to deliver innovative and secure blockchain-based solutions to our customers.

By joining this alliance, Klever is pledging to work with fellow members to promote the advancement of the Web3 Domain Alliance’s policy positions. We will also protect our intellectual property rights, including trademark rights, in our web3 TLDs. Our commitment to protecting user privacy and data security will remain our top priority, and we will work diligently to develop interoperable NFT domain naming systems that avoid namespace collisions with existing Web3 naming systems.

We believe that the Web3 Domain Alliance’s commitment to the technological advancement of blockchain domain registries, as well as consumer protection, is an essential step toward mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. As a member of this alliance, we will advocate for the policy position that NFT domain registry owner-operators create trademark rights in their web3 TLDs through first commercial use with market penetration. This will ensure that NFT domains are recognized by a broad community of stakeholders, as well as the public.

At Klever, we are thrilled to be part of this innovative and forward-thinking community. We believe that by working together with other Web3 Domain Alliance members, we can drive innovation and make a meaningful impact in the blockchain domain space. We look forward to collaborating with our fellow members and advancing the development of blockchain-based solutions.

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