Klever Electronics launches its new hardware wallet online shop including Black Friday deal

The first crypto hardware wallet has developed created and launched in Brazil by Klever Electronics, a Brazilian company that now ships worldwide.

KleverSafe Sale

KleverSafe Hardware Wallet is now available for purchase online. Designed with simplicity and security in mind, KleverSafe allows crypto enthusiasts and beginners to store, buy, trade, and safeguard their crypto assets.

KleverSafe, the crypto hardware wallet that provides unparalleled protection

By connecting KleverSafe directly to Klever Wallet, all your crypto management will be done as efficiently as possible. In addition, if you’re a new user, you’ll get to experience holding & managing your digital assets in a harmonious and efficient way that’s unique to Klever products. 

Taking your KleverSafe with you wherever you go is easy. This sophisticated design fits comfortably in your hand. Within minutes of receiving your KleverSafe, you can start using your hardware wallet.

KleverSafe comes in the form of an industrial tamper-proof plastic case with a black piano protective shell. It features unlimited blockchains and large capacity. KleverSafe has it all!

When it’s offline it is impossible to hack. You only need to connect your private keys when needed. It offers the highest security available for government level deployments and will protect your private keys.

Using Bluetooth 5.2, Klever Hardware Wallet can be securely paired with Klever Wallet, K5. Alternatively using a USB Type-C connector, Klever Hardware Wallet connects to Klever Wallet and allows you to confirm crypto transactions with the click of a button.

KleverSafe Black Friday Offer

Only purchase your KleverSafe devices from an authorized provider i.e. kleversafe.io 

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