Love Monster joins forces with Klever

9,999 Love Monsters NFTs just became Klever

Love Monster has been on our radar since its launch, and we decided to establish an official partnership after meeting in person and discussing its plans as well as the potential benefits that the Klever Ecosystem and Blockchain (KleverChain) could provide.

Thanks to the Klever blockchain brains and developers, the Love Monster team can focus on their projects, designs, and game development needs.

By accessing a core team at Klever, we can develop new gaming and blockchain synergies and access new possibilities that will significantly enhance Love Monster and KleverChain’s capabilities.

Love Monster goes beyond our imagination, passion, and drive.

Understanding Love Monster 

Love Monster is the brainchild of Liam Love, CEO, and Founder. Liam has been designing and developing mobile games for over a decade and has released several #1 mobile apps. However, his true passion is creating new, innovative, memorable experiences no one has played before, and that is the primary goal of the Love Monsters mobile game.

Love Monster is where you can enjoy your adventures in the Monsterverse (metaverse) and earn money as a reward while playing the game. In the future, you’ll be able to play this free-to-play mobile game on any Android, or iOS mobile device, all underpinned by the Klever blockchain technology.

In the game, players assume the role of adventurers until one day they wake up in the “Monsterverse” filled with love monsters, 9,999 to be precise.

Love Monster NFTs go way beyond standard NFTs that prove you own a collectible item. In contrast to traditional gaming, where the game company owns all of the avatars and skins in-game, with Love Monster and KleverChain, you now own all of your monsters so that you can sell them for real money on the marketplace.

$LMT (Love Monster Token) is a utility coin used by the game and for its ecosystem. It’s not your regular in-game currency! The tokens exist in the real world too.

In the Love Monster NFT game, you can use $LMT to finance all kinds of transactions, from purchasing characters from the market to buying game resources and breeding and improving characters.

On the KleverChain, LMT is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, staked to earn APRs of 16%, traded on exchanges, and much more.

With blockchain, you need experts! Together, Love Monster and Klever, one of the leading names in the crypto and blockchain industries, will collaborate through KleverLabs.

KleverChain’s Krypto Banking tool will enable investors and players to play, earn, and collect money easily. With the Love Monster Token (LMT) integrated into the Klever Ecosystem, you can expect a personalized, immersive, and rewarding gaming experience.

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