Updated Rollout Phases of Klever Blockchain Expansion

Klever Foundation is currently rolling out a range of new features for Klever Blockchain.

KleverChain Klever Blockchain

In retrospect, Klever has been able to ship many essential features for KleverChain, but at the same time needed to postpone a few suggested launch dates. To put things in perspective, Klever is focused on security, user experience, and synergy within KleverChain. To ensure security and quality, we only launch features and products that have passed all our quality assurance checks.

Currently, the following activities and features are live: 

Features going live this week:

Prioritized features and in development:

Over the coming weeks, the prioritized deliverables will be actioned and announced to the community via official channels. Our main KleverChain landing page will also be updated with the new deliverables clearly showcased in a roadmap-phased approach.

By Eduardo Alex Melo dos Santos aka Duka, Product Manager of KleverChain and Klever Labs

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