K4 to K5, Klever Wallet leaps forward

Klever Wallet is a life-changing financial tool designed to enable everyone to better manage their finances.

Dynamism is a cornerstone for transformation and this is becoming the new normal in various projects and fields of life in recent times. This has led to the development of various platforms and projects, especially in the crypto space and field of blockchain technology. 

In recent years, crypto wallet systems have been created by developers to meet the demanding niche of the blockchain technology ecosystem. This has led various kinds of wallets to be deployed to accommodate the products that have been created on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, many people are still constrained in their comfort zones and are most times very resistant to testing the new depth that life and circumstances present to them. This is evident in the heights people tend to attain from the work they deploy as a project. 

A successful product is a combination of various factors which indeed is an integration of dedication, determination, diligence, passion, and resilience (3DPR). Although this may seem to depict success from a standpoint, it would require another key factor that can help the product or project to continue to evolve, which is the Product or project review. 

If you ever lack one of these integral parts, you would likely start and somewhere along the way begin to dwindle and eventually fade away just like a team or project that never existed. 

Since the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, many teams were certain that they had created the best projects and believed that what was available at the time was all the space had to offer. This is indeed far from the possibilities and opportunities which are attainable in the crypto space.

What is the Klever Wallet?

Although there are several other wallets in development even as we speak, the Klever Wallet, which is a decentralized p2p and self-custody wallet, stands out by putting the keys in the hands of the users. 

When the wallet was initially created, it was outlined on the vision outline to meet some clear-cut objectives and the various versions of the subsequent Klever wallet came with their own intrinsic value propositions. 

What is Klever wallet 4?

The Klever wallet OS SDK is a Wallet as a Service (WaaS) that provides any developer with military-grade encryption technologies, but the distinctive security feature is that the encryption takes place locally on the user’s device, in the Native Core.

Klever’s Native Core can be thought of as a Black Box inside Klever OS, and while it can communicate with the wallet system’s presentation or user interface element, it is totally isolated, making any attack or hacker effort against the wallet practically impossible.

Klever does not save your personal information in a database. This implies you have complete ownership and control over your funds.

Some features within the K4 wallet

What to expect in the K5 wallet?

As earlier stated, Klever is dynamic in its vision and mission statement, where it does not see a solution as an end to a problem, rather it sees the solution of the problem as a means to change the status quo and remain dynamic.

Invariably, the products coming out of the stables of the development team would always continue to evolve with time in a systematic way to accommodate prospective changes that the world would throw at it in the future.

As beautiful and intuitive as the K4 wallet is, the Klever team has gone ahead to implement its dynamic approach by improving on it to get the K5 wallet.

This is an upgraded version of the K4 wallet with a better user experience and product optimization within the wallet which includes but not limited to the following:

This version will provide enhanced features for functionality like:

There is also the integration of the Unstoppable Domains (UD), which is a decentralized web domain name registration that would be available on the Klever 5 (K5) app upon launch. This would give a massive utility to Klever wallet users who can have the domain names registered and can be utilized on any platform be it web, mobile, app, and much more.

In conclusion, the Klever team is keen on the simplicity of the wallet application and puts a lot of effort into deploying the same degree of simplicity without compromising on the standards and security of the wallet for its teaming users as we look forward to an outstanding new user interface for the benefit of all in the Klever community.

Simplicity still remains a Klever thing to do

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