Are you a Classic or Advanced trader?

To provide a better user experience, Klever Exchange is always working hard to add new features to its platform.

This time, they have given an option to users whether they would like to trade crypto the old way or new way, where users get more data to make their trade.

Users can now choose from Classic mode or Advanced mode to trade in crypto. Let us understand how this can be done by taking these following steps. 

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Click on Trade

Step 3: Click on the Gear icon on the top right side of the page, next to profile

Step 4: You can now select Classic view or Advanced view to trade

Klever Exchange also allows users to shuffle order books from left to right, search pair box from left to right and so on. 

If the user uses the default version, they will not be allowed to shuffle it.

The same can be done when the user selects the Advanced option, which has more detail. User needs to hover the mouse and click on the four dots and click to drag it as per their requirement on any side of the page. 

The basic difference is the look and feel of the trading page. In the basic version, users can track only one token at a time.

But in the Advanced option, users can track multiple tokens at one time. 

Step 5: You are now ready to select any of the one option as per your preference and make your trade.

If you select Classic mode with the default version, it gives a feel of trading crypto a few years back, but, if you want a new feeling, select Advanced mode, where you get more graphs, data to make your trade. 

In Advanced mode, users can use various indicators, candles, full screen mode and take a snapshot of the trade. But in Classic mode, this is not possible. 

Users can restore their settings of the mode at any time by clicking on the Restore button.

It is high time you used all the latest features and made your first trade on Klever Exchange.

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