Devikins launches out of development mode

Following the beta testing period, Moonlabs has now announced Devikins’ final release. It is a unique play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows users to earn by holding Devikins characters. 

Developed by Moonlabs, a decentralized indie game studio created by veterans of the game industry, it is a game with an ever-expanding world and player-first mentality, where each and every character is different from each other.  

The game is based on Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) mechanics that allow users to breed, and raise their characters from childhood to adulthood in an extensive play-to-earn economy.

Users in Devikins can compete with a monster in the game or compete with other users under the player-versus-monster (PvM) and player-versus-player (PvP) combat theme.

Players who want to go deep can try Tamagotchi gameplay, where players can grow and connect with the Devikins they are holding. 

In addition to holding their Devikins characters, players can keep their collection of characters fresh and aim for the strongest, most competitive character possible via the breeding system.

Born as babies, Devikins undergo training to unlock their maximum potential upon reaching adulthood. Once adults, their final stage, Devikins may engage in combat to secure loot, prestige, experience, and have fun killing otherworldly monsters. 

Adult Devikins are the ones out adventuring, taking on perilous tasks, and journeying deep into the Void, the setting in which the game takes place. They engage in epic battles against their own kin and otherworldly monsters that threaten the Void’s stability.

What is Void in Devikins

Void is the origin of every creature unimaginable, the ones that surround our subconscious and drift through the ocean of the cosmos, shuddering nightmares, and the twelve-point font upon the pages
of an H.P Lovecraft novel tucked somewhere between the words sanguine and madness. 

However, in the Void, they live in harmony under the rule of the Supreme Overlord and earn status by fighting up the ranks in teeming battle pits, earning trinkets, and building their wealth.

Players must muster their army to fight for their own sake and claim their rightful place on the throne. Users must call to action every being of the Void to take up arms and follow your cause before your meddling siblings do just the same.

Devikins also have their own cryptocurrency which is the utility tokens that can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies and later on, users can also convert to Fiat.

Due to the semi-infinite nature of the character creation algorithm and breeding gameplay, each Devikin character will have its own unique visual and combat attributes. Because of this, no character will look exactly like another.

Players can also purchase other characters or put their characters for sale. Every Devikins character is a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be traded in the marketplace. 

Players can complete their daily missions, and achievements and earn $DVK. The more players stay on with the Devikins universe, they will engage with other players on a daily basis. 

In Devikins, players collect playable, cute characters with wild personalities. 

DVK, a utility token

Devikins has its own utility token, DVK, that is used to finance any transaction in-game. From purchasing characters in the marketplace to buying game resources, breeding and improving characters, and more interactions still to come.

Users playing Devikins can acquire DVK by playing the game and completing in-game achievements; earning them in the weekly league in-game; earning them by completing scavenger missions in-game; participating in the initial DVK mining event; exchanging them; selling Devikins NFT in the marketplace; also staking their DVK.  

All characters in Devikins are unique tokens in the blockchain. Several packs containing Devikins will also be available upon release and will meet the needs of all types of players.

Structure of a Devikins NFT

Devikins have four important structures, which include genes, ancestry, affinity, and personality.

Let’s have a look at each structure in detail.

Gene structure features provide Devikin’s visuals with several genetic factors that include the shape of their eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hairstyle, horns, and skin tone. Due to variation, it is unlikely that a Devikin will look exactly like any other.

Ancestry provides information about where the Devikins belong. All Devikins descend from one of five ancestries existing in lore. Its ancestry is easily identifiable by skin tone.

Devikins characters have their own personality with aspirations, dreams, and moods. This slightly changes their progression in-game and interaction with game mechanics.

Attribute affinity is a vital piece for competitive players, as it shapes the Devikin attribute progression. Moreover, it is fixed at the NFT mint time, which means that higher affinities will have great appeal in the marketplace.

Who is in the Devikins team

Free-to-play Devikins are currently tracked by CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko and traded on Klever Exchange & Bittrex Exchange. As per CoinMarketCap as of 16 April 2022, the market capitalization of DVK is at $10.62 million with a 24 trading volume of $162,371 per DVK trading for $0.006472.

Available on Android & iStore users, players can download Devikins for free from the App Store and on Google Play.

What are you waiting for, enter the Devikins universe and get your character and rule the Void!

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