2022 Klever Roadmap

Klever is disrupting the crypto ecosystem with its various products that are going to be launched in 2022

Klever Roadmap

From being just a Tron wallet in 2017, Klever has come a long way with its own wallet, and swap services that have been catering to crypto users for the past few years.

Taking this to a new level, Klever has been launching many more products in 2022 namely an upgraded version of the wallet, K5; Bank; Custody;  NFT Marketplace; Hardware Wallet; Exchange, and its own blockchain.

Let’s check the roadmap of the Klever Ecosystem that users are looking towards.


Klever has developed its own chain and launched it on 1 July 2022, KleverChain. This takes Klever Ecosystem to a next level, as now all the products will be integrated into the new chain. 

The new chain gives more power to developers for building the most disruptive and innovative web3 projects.

It allows any user to launch its own tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without any technical know-how and that too with just 20,000 KLV.

KleverChain weaves in and interacts with all the Klever products from KleverOS, K5, Klever Safe, Klever Exchange, and Klever Kustody, in order to provide users with the best overall performance. 

Klever Wallet 5 (K5)

The newer and improved version of the wallet, K5 brings improved security around blockchain transactions with a simple user experience.

Today, Klever’s wallet is already used by over 3 million users worldwide. It is currently supporting the world’s top 20 blockchains that including Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Kusama blockchains, and more. 

With the launch of its own blockchain, K5 will further improve the crypto ecosystem and reflect the company’s mission of making ‘Crypto made simple’. 

The new K5 Wallet is a simple, secure, and versatile self-custody crypto wallet that currently Swap services for over 500+ trading pairs, as well as an advanced Klever Browser that offers direct access to DApps compatible with other blockchains. 

K5 will come with native integration of KleverChain and all its features. Users will be able to send, receive and hold KLV and all KDA tokens; stake on KleverChain; participate in network activities; change staking rewards, and NFT Marketplace.

Klever Exchange

The launch of KleverChain, it opens a new and exciting road for Klever Exchange, a centralized crypto-to-crypto exchange platform that was officially launched in October 2021.

Klever Exchange will soon be embedded with the KleverChain features. It will have a launchpad to allow users to invest in new projects. 

The exchange will also allow creators to mint their collections with the lowest fees in the market today. With royalty standards directly included in the exchange, even if the creators remove the collection, the standard royalty will continue to work. 

The launch pad will also allow top developers and innovators to launch their projects built on KleverChain on Klever Exchange.

Klever Safe 

Klever hardware wallet called Klever Safe is being developed by an in-house development entity, Klever Labs. After the huge response to the pre-sale, Klever Safe will be delivered in 2022 to all those who booked it during the pre-sale. 

Klever’s hardware wallet supports all the blockchains, coins, and tokens supported by the Klever Wallet App. The safe is the best hardware wallet with the fastest performance and highest security standard available on the market.

It brings in an additional security layer for keeping crypto assets even safer, with a CC EAL5+ certified hardware solution.

Klever Safe uses KleverChain cryptographic algorithms that make transactions safer and faster than any other blockchain.

Klever Crypto Bank

Klever Crypto Bank is a cryptocurrency Banking as a Service (BaaS) specifically built for games, exchanges, custody, fintech, start-ups, and enterprises. 

It is a battle-tested product already running on Klever Swap, Klever Exchange, and Devikins games.

In order to manage users’ virtual assets securely, Crypto Bank would include all virtual assets operations needed for Klever Exchange and Devikins games.

The bank provides several APIs to create and manage crypto assets using KleverChain technology.

The Klever Crypto Bank provides several APIs to create and manage virtual assets using blockchain technology. 

It is also working on more advanced features like creating user blockchain accounts; receiving deposits on behalf of users; sending operations on behalf of users; charge operations; payment operations; buying and selling digital items (NFT & tokens); support for the top 20+ blockchains and 10,000+ tokens; user transaction statement; sync tokens and NFTs in the user account; NFT burn; multichain NFT deposits and withdraw; a marketplace for digital items; create digital assets like tokens and NFTs on KleverChain; and Krypto Bank admin portal (to simplify the admin process).

Krypto Crypto Bank is the perfect solution for game developers to support crypto features in a simple, versatile, and powerful way. It is currently in public beta supporting the activities and transaction needs of the Devikins game. Devikins is owned by Moonlabs, Klever’s own gaming studio.

Klever Kustody

Klever Kustody is used by Klever Crypto Banking to handle blockchain transactions and custody of all digital assets. 

In cryptocurrency custody solutions, large quantities of tokens are securely stored and monitored. In the crypto ecosystem, custody solutions have been a recent innovation that has been expected to herald the entry of institutional capital.

However, there are several challenges of which safe custody is a major issue today, that Klever solves with its Kustody product. 

With Klever Custody, users can share wallets with each other and verify transactions by getting their mutual approval. 

Klever Custody will support the top 20+ blockchains and over 30,000 tokens, making it one of the most secure and comprehensive custody services available.

Klever cares for the environment

Understanding its commitment to climate change, Klever has turned carbon neutral by having a fully decentralized team functioning remotely spread across the globe.

As it works on a proof-of-stake mechanism, Klever understands its duty towards climate change and has been instrumental in working towards a cleaner and greener climate. 

With the bouquet of products Kever has, it will soon become the most sought blockchain ecosystem, as it solves the majority of problems that developers, innovators, and users face today with other blockchains.

It is the right time for users, and developers to enter the crypto space with Klever!

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