Choosing between BNB and TRX: which is right for you?

These two cryptos are linked to blockchain-based projects that already have a global following

bnb and trx

As we continue this series of ‘Crypto Battles’, in this article we will focus on two big, significant, and community-passionate projects: BNB and TRX. 

Even though they are both widely known cryptos, each of them has different perspectives and focuses on investments – therefore, each has its own main target audience in the crypto universe. 

Let’s unravel their main characteristics, understand their purposes, revisit their history and consequently paint a clearer picture of BNB and TRX, so you can see what best suits you (and sure, it can be both). 


BNB is the token of the massive exchange, Binance. 

It supports the whole blockchain-based ecosystem that Binance has built over the years in order to provide more than just an exchange, but a complete environment for enthusiasts of their work. 

Nowadays ranking as number 5 in the crypto market, BNB has been driven by its will to develop and increase its range of activities even more as time goes by. 

The whole company started as an exchange in 2017 and now – unless you’re living under a rock – Binance has its own crypto, wallet, NFT Marketplace, and has closed deals with major companies and even celebrities. 

It shows that even though Binance started off as a centralized exchange, it has not been holding back when it comes to promoting a more decentralized system

The company’s CEO, Chanpeng Zhao, is a huge personality in the digital world, who currently travels around the globe promoting his company and cryptocurrency itself throughout the nations that he visits. 

Consequently, BNB investors are enthusiastic about the project they support. Generally, the BNB community includes fans of the incredible development ability of the company and their eagerness to expand their activities through different crypto and blockchain segments. 

BNB Highlights


TRX is the token of the Tron project. 

Even though TRX started as a token on Ethereum’s blockchain, the coin now is hosted on Tron’s very own blockchain. 

Since the beginning, Tron has proved to be a project that believes in other projects. 

The company’s main goals have been to empower content creators where they could connect with their audiences without middlemen and, therefore, make their content more accessible to consumers. 

Created by Justin Sun, former Forbes Asia 30 Under 30, Tron has been on the journey of boosting up projects that wish to build upon blockchains’ networks by making it possible to do so with their decentralized applications (dApps)

Tron is also known as “an alternative to Ethereum” as it enables content creators to receive rewards for their intellectual labor with TRX. 

That being said, TRX plays a solid part in Tron’s community, not only serving as payment for developers’ work but also as a token attached to a solid, fully decentralized, blockchain-based project. 

Tron’s Highlights

BNB and TRX on Klever 

Differently from meme coins, those cryptos operate within well-structured and purpose-driven teams. 

Knowing the main objective of each project is the key to responsible investment. To put your money into a project that you believe indeed seems more responsible than just investing in something because of the hype. 

Whichever is your choice, you can purchase both BNB and TRX on Klever’s Wallet, the K5, or trade them in the Klever Exchange.

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