Earn rewards and build your own crypto community

Participating in referral programs gives your contacts the opportunity to partake in financial freedom.

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With crypto at an exceedingly early stage of development and making all sorts of noise, it will be only in the next few years that we will begin to see the power of decentralization.

It might be helpful for you to share the Klever ecosystem and its product with others, since you already know a lot about it. The reason for this is that they may also benefit from it, and, as a result, you will receive a share of the pie in return.

By sharing important developments and what Klever can do for you, people will try to follow you and they’ll look at you for regular updates. The goal here is to build a community and make it stronger by bringing more people into it.

The more diverse the community, the more vibrant it becomes, and this continues if you keep sharing information that adds value to their lives.

One such activity is the Klever Referral program that helps you earn by helping others join the Klever crypto revolution.

Klever is one of the most popular crypto ecosystems, being used by over 3 million users with over 150,000 daily active users.

Users can buy crypto on Klever Wallet and trade on Klever Exchange. 

Also recently, Klever released its NFT Marketplace DEX, and a hardware wallet called Klever Safe is soon to be available to its presale users.

Here’s how you can earn rewards by inviting your friends to Klever Wallet, K4.

Earn rewards inviting people to Klever Wallet, K4

By referring friends to Klever Wallet, you can earn KLV rewards.

By sending your referral code to your friends, Klever will pay you up to 0.5% every time your friends perform a swap with an amount greater than $50 USD. 

Referral rewards are paid in KLV tokens. You can claim your reward as soon as the rewards reach 1000 KLV.

Reward rates may change over time, as well as during special events and campaigns. 

How to invite your friends to use Klever Wallet?

You can invite your friends to use Klever Wallet by sharing your referral link with them. 

Once complete, you can find your referral link by following these steps.

You can then share your link with your friends to open it and install Klever Wallet. Alternatively, you can send your invite code to your friends to provide it while they are setting up Klever Wallet.

How do I claim my referral rewards?

Every time the accumulated rewards reach 1000 KLV you can claim them.

When you claim your rewards, you will see a new pending payment. The Klever team must validate your payment before you receive the claimed rewards in your wallet. 

Usually, the Klever team validates payments within 72 hours. If your payment takes more than 72 hours to get validated, you can contact Klever Support.

Klever not only enables its users to spread the word of crypto but also makes it possible for them to play an important role in spreading financial independence as well as making some passive income for people who will refer them too crypto.

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