Klever Community: meet The Moto King

Through his alias, he becomes a very important member of the Klever family and helps the company on its ride to success

The Motor King

Klever’s community is key to the company’s success. That is an unquestionable fact.  

However, once you get to know those stories, you start to understand why people are so passionate about the Klever project and the peculiar reasons why they got interested in the first place and why they stick with it on the ride. 

By the way, what a ride. 

And riding is a passion for this member of the Klever community – not only the literal meaning of the word. For him, riding is about navigating through the processes of life but always moving forward, regardless of ups and downs. 

By using his words and influence on social media platforms, this rider helps the Klever team to brake, divert, accelerate and go whenever necessary.

Let’s meet the Moto King

Name: The Moto King

Age: 32

Professional background: I have worked in the Manufacturing Industry my whole life. 

I started at one company and have worked my way up the ladder. I hold a B.S. in Industrial Management & Technology. 

Current position: President of the Company 

Maluh: First of all, I have to ask – and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have the same curiosity: why MotoKing (if you don’t mind sharing it, of course)? 

MotoKing: To me, Moto means “movement” or “moving forward” so really, the name doesn’t apply to any one meaning. It’s sort of an “open-ended” name that just means I’m moving forward and always learning. Moto could be any sort of physical or digital transportation, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or using your phone to access material and knowledge in order to move forward. It’s about rapidly adapting to situations in life. It’s really called The Moto King because it’s about creating a community of like-minded people who are moving forward. 

MotoKing and his two passions: motos and Klever (img: personal archive)

Maluh: Tell us a little bit about yourself: who is MotoKing? Where was he born, how was he as a kid, what were your inspirations, etc.? 

MotoKing: I was born in the Chicago suburbs and have lived here my whole life. As a kid, I was curious about everything. I also played soccer, and tennis, and rode dirtbikes, so I was always very active and around my friends. Sports taught me discipline, so much that I never missed one day of school growing up. I loved learning new things and still do. 

As a kid, we used to buy candy in bulk and sell it at the end of the driveway to make some money. I liked the feeling and sound of money in my hands, which could buy you anything you wanted. So from a young age, money and success was on my mind.

Maluh: Were you always someone interested in finance and/or technology? Tell us about that. 

MotoKing: I’ve always had an interest in finance and technology. I feel like the finance and technology industry are the best industries to study in order to obtain true financial freedom. If you follow the money, you’ll be able to figure out ways to create new opportunities for yourself.

The industry is always changing and you’re playing a real-life game with different obstacles, and the objective is to learn new ways how to become more financially stable. The other interesting thing about this industry is that there’s a spot for anyone and everyone who wants to learn and earn a living.

The most valuable thing in life is time, and if you set aside a small portion of it to research, specifically in these industries, you will receive exponentially more time to experience life because you’ve done the hard work and have the means to do so. 

Maluh: How did you get into the crypto universe? And what were your first thoughts about it when you started? 

MotoKing: A very vivid memory of mine is a time when I was walking back from the park sometime in 2012 with my oldest brother and his dog. He mentioned Bitcoin and how it seemed to be some sort of secret society. It reminds me of the John Wick movie, where there is an operational network hidden underground using their own currency. I didn’t think very much of it at first because I thought that you had to “know someone” to get started.

Later down the road, cryptocurrency seemed to be the center of attention in the media, and I started to do my own research. When I first started it was very hard to get into because it was so new, and I really didn’t know anyone personally who could help me get started. It was hard to do by myself because it was changing so frequently. Ever since then, it’s been a part of my everyday life. 

Maluh: And how did you come to Klever? Share with us how you met our project. 

MotoKing: I found Klever by investing in a project called Tron (TRX). I wanted a safe and easy place to store my TRX off of an exchange. So I did some research online and found Tron Wallet Me. Tron Wallet Me then rebranded to Klever. I didn’t come to Klever, Klever came to me.

Maluh: What made – and still makes – you stick with Klever through time? What are the highlights of the project for you? 

MotoKing’s persona is very known in the Klever community (img: personal archive)

MotoKing: I love that Klever is founded by really genuine people who are solving problems in their community. I also notice how much more effort is put into their social media compared to other crypto projects. 

Klever is constantly investing in itself as a company and moving forward. The support team solves issues in a timely manner and the wallet is very user-friendly. It’s a great platform to get someone started in crypto. I really enjoy that they stick to the white paper and are always looking for ways to improve. One of the main reasons I continue to support Klever is because I’ve met “the team,” and without the team, there is no company. They do a great job of supporting each other and Dio is a true leader who has no limits. 

One other thing that’s very inspiring about the company is that the company is so focused on its own growth, more so than the price of the coin itself. They are showing that they are preparing to be around for a long time. 

Maluh: We see that you love to share content and spread the ‘Klever word’ on your social media and you ultimately act as a Klever influencer in some kind of way. What incites you to do that? 

MotoKing: The network effect. The more people see the value in Klever, the more users we’ll have. This will really help the Klever community grow. I genuinely like to help people out, and I truly think that Klever is one of the best in the business. Everyone should be using it! 

Maluh: Between all the solutions Klever has brought to the market – K5, NFT Marketplace, KleverChain, etc – what excites you the most? 

MotoKing: Klever Wallet (K5) is my favorite solution because it’s an all-in-one application. You can store your NFTs, swap, trade, stake, buy, sell, etc. all in one place. It’s so easy to use and is exactly what a wallet should be. 

Maluh: If someone would come to you and say that they wish to start to get to know Klever, what would be your message to that person? 

MotoKing: I would say I would be more than happy to get them started. Klever has a wonderful community with true supporters. It’s easy to do by yourself once you get the hang of it. I would also tell them that this would open the doors to their own financial freedom. 

Maluh: What do you wish for Klever’s future? 

MotoKing: I wish nothing but the best for Klever. I hope the company continues to grow and reach as many people as possible. I can’t wait to see the other solutions they plan to bring to the market, and I can’t wait for the day when Klever is on the Top 10 page of any crypto ranking website you visit. One day I know it’ll be a billion-dollar company. I’m so happy to be part of it and watch it grow into that! 

Maluh: Where can we find you online?

MotoKing: Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMotoKing1 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMotoKingOfficial/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheMotoKingOfficial/ 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheMotoKing 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-moto-king/ 

Website: https://www.TheMotoKing.com/ 

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