Klever is your go-to DeFi solution 

The Klever Ecosystem presents itself as your powerful and yet simple go-to platform when it comes to decentralized finances.

The DeFi world is growing fast. Therefore, having a trustable and effective platform to navigate this universe can help users a lot, regardless of their state of knowledge – from advanced to beginner. 

That’s why Klever presents itself as your powerful and yet simple go-to platform when it comes to decentralized finances. It can help you through DeFi roads with user-friendly and super safe tools that will boost up your experience. 

The DeFi revolution 

Defined by Chainalysis as the “backbone of the web3 ecosystem”, DeFi has an increasing transaction volume, with a special participation of individual investors. 

And even the bear market can’t stop this train. 

According to Chainalysis’ State of Web3 Report, even though growth has since leveled off, in part due to price declines for Ethereum and other assets, the number of individual transfers has stayed level and even increased in some quarters, which suggests that more individual investors are still entering the ecosystem.

The success of DeFi spreads over most of web3’s current solutions which collaborated to a peak of $4 trillion in transaction volume in Q2 of 2021 – from NFTs to DEX Contracts, Token Smart Contracts, Infrastructure and more. 

Total value received, number of transfers, and number of services by DeFi service type (source: The Chainalysis State of Web3 Report) 

A Klever Revolution

While DeFi continues to cut through all the market’s downsides, Klever, as a company, also keeps building regardless of the seasons.

The implementation of the KleverChain itself is already a testament to what the company has as a vision for the future – to build and to empower other web3 projects bringing significant contributions to decentralized finance as well. 

Part of the DeFi mission is exactly what Klever also believes is fundamental to the world: to promote financial freedom and finance tools to help people across the globe to achieve it. 

“Klever strives to address this issue by providing everyone, both unbanked and banked individuals, an alternative to private banks and instead builds out an infrastructure for public financial services that is available to everyone”. 

– KleverChain Whitepaper 

Klever as your go-to DeFi tool 

With the birth of KleverChain, Klever’s native blockchain, the company’s goal is to offer developers and creators around the world the possibility to build with this technology without having to dig it from scratch or pay huge fees for others to do so.

“I don’t think developers need to understand how a blockchain works – they just have to call a well documented function in order to use the blockchain.”

— Dio Ianakiara, Co-Founder & CEO of Klever

And with KleverChain this became possible, where devs can use a native infrastructure that is vastly more secure, simpler to build upon, and cheaper to deploy for dapps than on any other smart contract blockchain network.

Through the easy-to-use, intuitive and versatile KleverOS Software Development Kit (SDK), developers will be able to implement their own interface solution where the functionalities of the Kapps deployed to KleverChain will constantly be evolving, and where Klever Finance will be deploying new versions with improvements to the Kapps that does not block or inhibit the use of previous versions.

That way all builders can focus on what is most essential to their specific projects: their own products, their own services, their own business model and their own project’s development”.
– KleverChain Whitepaper 

Klever K5 Wallet as your go-to DeFi platform

However, Klever not only brings significant improvements to the DeFi table or just when it comes to developers and creators’ new projects – it can also be your go-to DeFi platform as a user.

The ecosystem built by Klever provides important solutions to your daily activities in the decentralized finance world. 

Such as the very own Klever Wallet

Nowadays it is almost impossible to navigate DeFi and to utilize any kind of tool in this segment without having a trustable crypto wallet.

Wallets are where you manage and store your cryptocurrencies and other assets such as NFTs that are hosted in the blockchain system.

A wallet makes it possible to operate transactions and to connect DeFi solutions with your assets.

This means that your wallet will work almost as your ID or passport in the crypto world, as you get in and get out of many platforms in the web3.

Klever K5 Wallet is a must for DeFi adopters 

Through the Klever Wallet it is possible to see how our team works day and night to provide one of the best platforms in the DeFi segment. 

Our infamous Klever Swap, where you can coin-swap directly within the wallet without having to trade in an Exchange, offers 500+ trading pairs

The Klever K5 Wallet (newest version of the app) has also an advanced Klever Browser that offers direct access to dapps compatible with Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Kusama blockchains, and more.

Ultimately, Klever K5 Wallet has a native integration with the latest KleverChain and all its features, including:

Overall, the Klever K5 Wallet provides a safe and smooth user-experience that allows every type of DeFi adopter to navigate easily. 

Download Klever K5 Wallet now both for Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

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