Klever Weekly Newsletter – January 7

A Klever Letter by Dio Ianakiara

A deep dive into Klever’s advancements in 2021, and how we progress forward in 2022

2021 can be summarised in one Klever word, “success”, described as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.

Now we need to give you a background on this past year, so our Klever CEO and Co-Founder, Dio Ianakiara, has written a letter to everyone who believed and supported us during this year. We reached many goals and get many steps forward, but now we’re starting a new cycle and with it, comes this great retrospective made by the one who can best talk about it. Join us on this must-read article – A Klever Letter by Dio Ianakiara, not just to see what we did but to look forward on what is yet to come.

#Klever2022 will bring a consolidation of Klever technology, advanced marketing activities, and with the launch of our very own KleverChain, we will change the world of blockchain. – CEO & CO-Founder of Klever, Dio Ianakiara.

1,000,000 KLV Giveaway

KleverChain will arrive on March 31, 2022. Blockchain is difficult, but it shouldn’t be.

KleverChain offers all users a more secure, faster, and smarter cryptocurrency experience by providing permissioned blockchain that is governed by the community, which allows them to thrive in a decentralized economy.

And to celebrate the launch of KleverChain on March 31, our CEO, Dio Ianakiara has just launched a giveaway of 1,000,000 $KLV to 1000 winners until January 9.

Follow the steps by clicking the button below and take part now.

How KleverChain will change the way we Blockchain

KleverChain will revolutionize the blockchain industry by becoming the best user-friendly platform with mainnet expected soon.

After the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain technology has become the backbone of cryptocurrency projects. 

Then Ethereum platform was launched in 2015 based on smart contracts, various chains also entered the market with various specific use cases. But, all these chains had some limitations. Ethereum on which all the chains were based was affected with slower transaction speed and higher costs.

In order to overcome these limitations, Klever, which provides one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges and safe and easy-to-use crypto wallet, is working on its own chain that will be the fastest, secure, most reliable, and user-friendly public blockchain solution ever made. 

Discover in detail what KleverChain brings new.

KLV or KFI: which to invest in?

There’s a correlation between Klever coins and its disruptive roadmap. With that in mind, the investor just needs to come up with a strategy.

Blockchain is always in the news and is there for everyone to profit but it’s far more than that. It offers solutions for many old problems and even new ones caused by modern technology. Most blockchain companies issue at least one kind of coin. They have different goals and very distinct values. It all depends on their business ideas and the solutions they provide.

It’s a good trading exercise to keep track of their value and peruse the projects with which they are associated. Klever, for instance, offers KLV and KFI as its major coins and they are intimately correlated to Klever’s goals and services.

Read this article to find out:

What makes us a Klever family

When the community bonds get tighter it evolves into a family – and that’s what Klever is becoming.

When we make something you can use easily, safely, and effectively, we are offering you a tool that will allow you to reach your full potential.

It’s not just a wallet; it’s not just an exchange; it’s not just a blockchain. It’s a possibility. An opportunity. We will not let go of your dreams the same way we don’t let go of you. – Klever Writer, Maluh Bastos.

That’s what we want you to know at the end of this 2021 cycle: we do not design products and services only for money’s sake. We make this for our Ohana. Klever wants to lift you up and even in times of doubts and lows (we know that this can happen in the crypto world, right?), we will be there bringing you more content, more answers, more knowledge so you feel safer and more confident. 

Setting the scene for NFTs in 2022

NFTs dominated the year 2021. One of the fastest-growing areas in the crypto space this year was NFTs.

Cryptocurrencies and fiat are commonly used to buy NFTs, which are recorded on a blockchain. NFTs are viewable by anyone, but the buyer owns them. NFTs can be digital items like images, videos, collectibles, land in virtual worlds, music, text, as well as tweets. 

All the crypto projects have started to roll out their own NFTs to attract users into their fold. NFTs have ruled 2021 and will become a game-changer for the adoption of crypto across the world. – Klever Writer, Jagdish Kumar.

So, click below to understand the impact of NFT on the world, its involvement with the market, and its rise in notoriety.


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