KleverNFT: A new web3 ecosystem rising

Web3 ecosystem is rising, so is the adoption of holding NFTs, which is driving the crypto market.


Web3 has now become a cultural and social phenomenon. NFT projects in music, art, education, sports, influencers, and other fields will be essential to web3’s widespread adoption. 

Utility and gaming NFTs that offer functional value and NFTs that return something of value, such as tokens or revenue, will dominate the next generation of NFTs in the web3 ecosystem.

The NFT of a digital billboard that generates daily ad revenue, the NFT of a revenue-generating real estate asset, or even the NFT of an avatar character from an online game that allows you to earn tokens as you play with them are all examples of this.

In the next 5 years, the next billion users will join web3, and some of the finest use cases are in social networks and gaming.

Using Klever NFT Marketplace DEX will be more than just another NFT trading platform, where users can ask for more.

The platform will have a Launchpad, which will help creators to launch their products to all the users connected to it. 

It will allow creators to apply for listing, and funding for their project. The platform will also allow users to whitelist on the platform, so that if a new project is launched, they can participate in the launch before others.

This can be seen as a game changer move by Klever to offer such a service to users that are looking for a holistic approach in terms of trading & storing crypto assets.

Launchpad will have two models: Community projects & Launchpad projects.

Community projects: Projects approved to use the tool and launch in our ecosystem. These projects are not endorsed or partnered with Klever but are from the Klever creators’ community and the founders and developers have been doxed and compiled with know your customer (KYC) with the platform.

Launchpad projects: These projects have guidance from our team and have some kind of partnership with us. In the future there will be a DAO that will control the method and models of approval for the Launchpad projects. 

All NFT projects will be doxed, and KYC complied with founders too. Klever wants to give total security and trust to our community when having a new project to participate in. 

They register their NFT project on Klever NFT, creators will have to give details like blockchain it is built, supply, mint price, mint date, project social media links, email contact, discord contact, descriptions of the project, team members, team backgrounds & qualifications, partnerships if any, advisors’ details, references, investments, utility, roadmaps, whitepaper, budget, mint funds breakdown, risk & mitigations, artworks, community, metadata sample and white tool list.

All these details will help users to understand the project and will help them make informed decisions about whether to invest in them or not.

Klever NFT will also auction creator NFTs, where users can bid for their favorite NFTs.

Built on KleverChain, projects like Devikins are now supported on it and very soon, other platforms support NFTs, like Ethereum, Solona, others will also be integrated in the later upgrades.

The Klever NFT marketplace DEX will have state-of-the-art technology that has been developed looking at the requirement of the users, who are looking for a platform that resolves many of their issues, namely, storing NFT, sales, receiving NFTs,

Auctioning NFTs, allowing users to invest early in NFTs in the primary market, so that they can gain benefits in the secondary market is another important feature coming up in Klever NFT.

Buying NFT can be a very daunting task, as users are not aware of the project, but Klever is going to change this with its platform that will provide all the information that will help users to decide on investing or not in the project.

So far only the marketplace is activated, very soon, as well as the features like insight page, that allows users to all look at all the statistics that includes trading volume, floor price, others can also be seen.

It will also have a support section where users can get all the basic information, and if there is any query, users can also contact 24X7 customer support.

Klever NFT will also have a gaming section, where users can play and earn cryptocurrency. Users can also trade and win NFTs on a real time basis. They just need to connect their wallet to experience this. 

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