Sports Metaverse launches public land sale

A unique metaverse built specifically for sports fans will bring brands, teams, and fans together.

Sports Metaverse has launched its virtual land sale for the public. The project which presents itself as the “digital world devoted wholly to sports”, now opens to the community the possibility to purchase pieces of land inside their metaverse made to unite clubs, brands, and sports superstars around the globe. 

Lands inside the Sports Metaverse are called fan caves; inside them, users will be able to reunite, customize NFTs, play pool, stream events and even rent their space for tenants. 

This will be possible through their partnership with LandWorks, a protocol developed by EnterDao, enabling VR landowners to make their land permissionless and list it for specific prices upon which tenants can bid.

For now, the lands available for sale are Sports City and Lion Land. Soon, the list will grow, including others such as 36 private islands, Soccer Land, Baller Land, Gridiron Land, Cricket Land, and many more. 

Illustration of a Fan Cave (image by: Sports Metaverse) 

Sports Metaverse is built on Flow and Ethereum. The first lands with spots available – Sports City and Lion Land – are built on Ethereum, the same as the Soccer Land which will be released later on. 

As for Baller World and Gridiron Land, both are built on Flow and the company states that more lands will be built as they scale.

Map of the lands inside Sports Metaverse (image by: Sports Metaverse)

According to Chris Worsey, CEO and Co-founder of SportsIcon, the quality of the project relies on the idea to gather the biggest fish in the pond developers-wise: 

“We have assembled the best metaverse builders in the space, the most forward-thinking web3.0 brands and some of the biggest sports people of all time. The Sports Metaverse is the new frontier – the future of sports is billions of fans instantly connected with one another, their sports icons and brands in the metaverse”. 

The Sports Metaverse will run with unrestricted access provided by the NVIDIA GeForce Now platform, the same platform used by games such as Fortnite. 

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