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Web 3 browser is a new way to be online without the fear of someone watching it all

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Globally there are many instances, where you hear that someone is spying on your web browsing history: many social media companies along with governments, for instance, have been recently accused of meddling with people’s private conversations.

If it comes to national security, governments do have some rights, but to track each and every movement of citizens on the internet is nothing but spying.

Governments can do this because the whole internet is working on a centralized model. The Internet without a browser is nothing, so to track citizens, the government wants companies to share all the data with them. 

Companies too misuse this and use users’ data for their own benefit. We might have seen that once we search something on search bars, and after that, if you open browsers and visit various tabs, you will start getting advertisements on the terms a user has searched.

This the company does with the help of a technology that is tracking each and every word the user types on the search bar.

The evolution of the Web

The Web 0.1 was only one-way communication, as users were just reading/consuming content, but after the advent of social media platforms, like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, the usage of the internet increased by many folds and this entered into two-way communication.

This has happened in web 2.0, where users have been interacting with others based in any part of the world, they have been making video calls and some users even went to an extent of searching for a partner and getting married on a live event! 

Even the government has entered this space by taking governance to the internet and launching many programs and services online. Web 2.0 was the major development that changed the governance of the world.

Citizens across the globe started interacting, making payments for services, shopping online, and even selecting life partners. There were many job profiles that are totally home-based and that have no offices in any part of the world.

In order to stop companies and governments from tracking users, Web 3 has come in, which works in a totally decentralized way.

No company or government can track users’ data or what they are doing online, because users have their privacy, which has been accorded in many constitutions globally.

Let us now understand in detail what Web 3 is

Web 3 is the next level of the internet, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to give it a human-like intelligence for information processing. 

It is a decentralized blockchain system that allows users to connect to a distributed internet where they can own their data and time and be paid for it.

It avoids the major international browser companies that employ a centralized system to abuse the data and privacy of users. The browser instantly and securely connects users to their selected blockchain platforms.

Web 3.0 on Klever Browser 

Klever Browser makes sure you are always in control of how much data you disclose to third-party sites, whether you’re playing games, dealing with DeFi protocols, exchanging crypto valuables, or connecting to web 3.0.

With Klever Browser, users may investigate the developing world of decentralized finance protocols, uncover the top blockchain development tools, access currencies, explore the newest social media platforms, and collect digital art.

The new browser will support all blockchains from K4. But the main integration is with KleverChain, and will be available just for K5 users.

On the security protocol level, the browser of Klever Wallet uses a hybrid implementation between Web3 and Klever operating system (KleverOS), which improves the security to the next level, where dApps can’t access anything since KleverOS leaves everything shielded. The user has full control.

In K5, users will be able to access their dApps, which is a very new experience as users will not have to move out of the browser and open different tabs.

As the K5 browser is currently integrated with Tron Blockchain, any dApps on the Tron platform are within its reach and anyone can seamlessly access the applications.

In the coming days, K5 is also working on multiple tab features that will allow users to open more than one tab inside the browser.

How to use the browser to access Web 3 in the Klever Wallet

To use Web 3, the user needs to open their Klever Wallet. If the user doesn’t have one they can download it from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s iStore for free.

Download it and run the Klever Wallet on your mobile phone, note down your 12 words SEED, and set up a six-digit security code.

Klever Wallet browser is a simple and secure integration interface between your favorite applications and your personal blockchain accounts and makes users’ access to Web 3 applications simpler, faster, safer, and easier.

With the technology of Web 3 in K5, it will be the next big thing, where users can browse and attain financial independence by accessing their wallets without any fear of someone looking at their browsing history.

It is a Klever idea indeed to use Web 3 inside the K5!

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