Time to start using K5: learn how to migrate to the new Klever wallet app version

The new Klever Wallet app is completely integrated with KleverChain and brings both security and simple user experience to a whole new level

KleverChain’s launch in 2022 was one of the biggest accomplishments for the Klever Ecosystem. 

Klever’s very own blockchain is bringing less bureaucracy, faster and safer transactions, cheaper processes and bigger possibilities for anyone who wishes to develop their own web3 project. 

Klever K5 Wallet is born within this new world of possibilities with a native blockchain. The new Klever Wallet app is completely integrated with KleverChain and brings both security around blockchain transactions as well as a simple and intuitive user experience to a whole new level. 

“It includes our infamous Klever Swap offering with 500+ trading pairs, as well as an advanced Klever Browser that offers direct access to dapps compatible with Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Kusama blockchains, and more”

– KleverChain’s whitepaper 

That being said, we can ask:

Have you migrated your assets and tried K5 yet?

No? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you really quick how to do it so you can taste the new and improved KleverChain-integrated K5.

OBS: K4 does not need to be deleted.  

Migrating from K4 to K5 

Follow these steps to migrate to K5 and to do the basic setup: 

1. Backup your keys in K4 

First of all, you need to have your 12-word SEED phrase stored. They’ll work as your “password” to login into your account in the new version of the Klever Wallet app. 

If you need to make a backup of your SEED words:

In the case below, we have an example with a TRX Main Account. You can choose to get a code of your Private Keys or select the SEED option that will give you the exact SEED phrase for your wallet’s address.

And of course: keep your SEED phrase somewhere safe! 

2. Download K5 in your phone

Klever K5 Wallet is available in Google Play for Android users and in App Stores for iOS users. 

So first, go to the app download center of your choice and:

After the download, follow these instructions: 

3. Open the K5 app and choose ‘Restore Wallet’ 

When opening the K5 app, just agree with the Policy terms and choose the ‘Restore Wallet’ option.

4. Enable biometrics to increase security

Insert your SEED words to restore your wallet. 

You can also choose to enable biometrics in order to increase the security of your K5 wallet. 

Done! You now have the access to all your crypto in all blockchains through your K5 wallet and the use of K4 is now optional for some tasks (Swap is still working only on K4). 

Learn how to do that process with a video: 

Do I need to use only K5 now? 

No. The use of K5 is still optional but has many added benefits and features. 

To start using K5 now can be beneficial because not only you can enjoy some perks already available in the improved Klever Wallet, but also you can get acquainted with the new format that will be the definitive one of the wallet app. 

Why use K5?

All of the Klever wallet app team’s energy is flowing to Klever K5 Wallet now. 

It continues to be one of our main products as it holds important features such as the Klever Swap (still to come in its improved v2 version). 

Klever K5 Wallet comes with native integration of KleverChain and all its features, including but not limited to:

Everything from now on is being made to make the K5 experience the best it can be inside the Klever Ecosystem. So, don’t waste any time and download it now to start experiencing the ultimate Klever technology. 

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