Trump says crypto is a “disaster waiting to happen”

Former US president caused controversy amongst the crypto community in an interview to Fox Business

In an interview granted to Fox Business this past Monday (August 31), former US President, Donald Trump, stated that crypto is “potentially a disaster about to happen”. He added that the north-american people should be investing in their own currency, endorsing the importance of the dollar. 

Trump had already manifested his feelings about cryptos in the past. In June, he said that bitcoin “seemed like a scam”. He also added that cryptocurrencies “may be fake” and “certainly are something that people don’t know very much about”. 

The former president reinforced that the dollar should be the currency of this world. And to invest in Bitcoin and not in dollars “takes the edge off of the dollar and the importance of it”. 

A five-year performance comparison

Dollars (USD) and Bitcoin (BTC) have had very different performances in the market.

For instance, BTC has had a +7,643.11% performance in five years vs the US dollar, according to Barchart

For more information, watch and read the complete interview on Fox Business

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