Visa powered no-limit Bitcoin credit card launched in UAE

HNIs can now get the benefit of no-limit Bitcoin credit card powered by Visa in the UAE

Even though the cryptocurrency market has been showing a downward trend for a few months now, it does not stop companies from launching cryptocurrency-dedicated products for high net worth income (HNIs) groups.

One such company is Bitcoinblack, a VIP crypto credit card company that has launched the Visa-powered no-limit Bitcoin credit card in UAE.

With a net worth of $100 million, the organization caters to its exclusive 10,000 members worldwide.

Using this crypto card, the user has access to luxurious products and services, as well as a premium members-only experience.

Additionally, the cardholder has premium benefits because they receive a 10% reward and there is no limit on the amount they can spend. These rewards are in the form of $SPND tokens. 

In whichever country Visa cards are accepted in the world, Bitcoinblack card holders can redeem their $SPND tokens. 

Bitcoinblack card is also launching its Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, a curated online boutique that sells luxury watches, purses, cars, charter jet deals, private mansion access, and more. 

The marketplace that has been developed in partnership with Haute Living Magazine is expected to launch in the next two weeks. 

Speaking on the launch of the card in the UAE, Bitcoinblack Chief Luxury Officer Kamal Hotchandini said, apart from being able to spend their rewards on buying luxury articles, the cardholder will also get access to the marketplace that allows members to purchase experiences that our team at Haute Living Magazine have created exclusively for them. The holders will not find these services anywhere else in the world. 

In response to the need of people with high crypto asset values to spend their crypto, company CEO Prakash Chand saw the need for an exclusive crypto-powered premium card and partnered with Visa to launch it.  

The majority of their members are people who purchased Bitcoin in 2011 when the market started to gain a US audience. 

Speaking further, Chand said, People with massive crypto assets including Bitcoin needed a way to spend it easily and also wanted to get a reward for it. 

“For high net worth individuals who wish to spend their cryptocurrency for business or pleasure anywhere they are in the world, including the 140 plus countries where Visa is accepted, Bitcoinblack is the ideal solution,” Chand adds.

“Members may easily spend their cryptocurrency with the greatest conversion rates and large limits by simply loading it up through the online app or soon-to-be-released secure BitcoinBlack wallet app,” Chand revealed. 

The Bitcoinblack premium credit card holders can convert their Bitcoin as well as other major cryptocurrencies into fiat currency while shopping where merchants accept Visa. 

The card is the world’s most exclusive crypto-powered Visa black card. It opens up a world of freedom and luxury that includes no-limit spending power and opulent members-only rewards powered by the $SPND token.

Please note that Bitcoinblack cards are only available by invitation, so anyone interested in owning one needs to request an invitation from the company. 

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