What’s new in Devikins NFT Mobile Game?

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understanding devikins

Following the successful release of the final active gaming platform, Moonlabs has now announced an update to the Devikins gaming application. It is a unique play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows users to earn by holding Devikins characters. 

Developed by Moonlabs, a decentralized indie game studio created by veterans of the game industry, it is a game with an ever-expanding world and player-first mentality, where each and every character is different from each other with exciting characters being created to match the user’s design.  

What are Devikins?

Devikins NFTs are the playable characters of the RPG game, Devikins. This is a game where players can collect, breed, grow, and battle with their Devikins NFTs. A Devikins NFT is addressed as a Devikin, a cute being originally from the Void, the main world of the Devikins game. A Devikin exists inside of Devikins and outside of it. You do not have to be a player to collect these adorable rascals. You can hold them in your wallet and never bring them to the game.

However, there is an update that would thrill the players and users of the Devikins app. 

How about we dive into what exciting new features and possibilities are in the development of update 1.3 of the Devikins game.

According to the team, This is expected to be their biggest update so far, with many exciting new features, tweaks, and improvements to ensure the player experience is captured in one of the most exciting gaming platforms ever created.

What is a Devikins ritual?

Within the context of the game, a Ritual is the name for the NFT Burn Mechanics applied to the game. This is made possible such that the introduction of the Re-incubator, which allows you to revert an Adult Devikin to an Embryo, and the Transplant, wherein you can move the attributes of one Devikin to another, Rituals will also let you Sacrifice a Devikin.

What is Sacrifice?

In a systematic way, the application is supposed to carry out some technical implementation of modifying the Devikins such that the operation which is called a Sacrifice, is a twist on an old Devikins feature teased in the original whitepaper where players could burn four NFTs to create a new one. This has been changed, and with the new Sacrifice system, players will be able to burn four NFTs of the same rarity to have a chance of getting a random NFT of the next rarity.

Several individuals have asked what if the sacrifice fails, the player is expected to start another process where the player starts a Ritual using an Omulet which is a new item being added to the game where the NFTs are safe and aren’t burnt, however, if no Omulet is used, the NFTs are burned and nothing is generated.

In all honesty, a sacrifice’s success chance is based on the NFTs’ rarity. This is such that a Common sacrifice has a 50% chance of succeeding, while an uncommon sacrifice has 25%, and there is a 10% chance of success when using a rare Sacrifice.

The Wicked well

This intriguing feature has been added into the updated version of the game as a requirement for also using the Omulet that is necessitated for the sacrifice. 

The Wicked Well is a place to attain great drops, with players offering a new in-game consumable, Xaron’s Favour, in exchange for goodies from the well.

Wow, a lot of players would exclaim, so many new features, this is something that the team is preparing the players’ minds towards getting them properly engaged in the beautiful game for a possible adventure in the near future.

The Well works in mysterious ways, and it has three rarity pools (Rare, Mythic, and Eldritch). Players are guaranteed a drop from the Eldritch pool after offering ten Favours, but if they get it before then this process resets. You can also follow their progress towards this reward via a bar on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Guild donations

The team is concerned about the possibility of players being scammed. So there is the implication of a preventive mechanism which was noticed when an increasing number of players used Guild Donations to sell incubators which inevitably ended in them being scammed.

 However, due to that, the development team removed incubators from Guild Donations.

Continuing in regards to Guild Donations, we’ve added donation points to the Guild Member screen, so that whenever a member donates an item they get a point, which everyone can see.

Daily Rewards

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Update 1.3 will revamp M.A.D subscriptions and change them so that they will last for 30 days straight instead of until the end of the month, and with that, there will be no more retroactive item rewards upon subscribing.

Furthermore, due to the Daily Login reward issues players have been facing, the team has made the daily reward claimable instead of being automatic. This has been designed such that the first time a player logs in each day they will be welcomed with the brand new Daily Rewards popup to notify them of the new update.

It is indeed going to be an awesome experience for the players and intending new users of the devikins platform. 

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