Why build our own Blockchain?

To build a more accessible ecosystem for users and developers, Klever created the Klever blockchain (KleverChain).

Transformation is a continuous process and everyone who intends to succeed must make a concerted effort to continue to improve in all facets of their life and business models. 

Various blockchain developers have been involved in projects aimed at transforming the world and how things are done. However, they have made it look more like rocket science to the average person who intends to look towards blockchain technology.

Klever, on the other hand, has been working with many top blockchain foundations over the years, and it is an exceedingly hard and long process to fully understand how a specific blockchain works and functions. 

These include ensuring that the interoperability and security of the blockchain are perfectly understood and reviewed to ensure the best out of such blockchain.

According to Dio Ianakiara, Klever’s CEO and Co-Founder:

“I don’t think developers need to understand how a blockchain works – they just have to call a well-documented function in order to use the blockchain.” 

This goes to show that most blockchain developers are going through unnecessary rigors just to understand what a simple call function would do.

What have other blockchain developers done so far?

It is assumed by some people that most blockchain technology enthusiasts are crazy and unrealistic in their projections as they seem not to believe that government activities can be embedded in the blockchain. 

It is obvious that they are still stuck to the old paradigm and would require some level of unlearning and relearning to get attuned to the new paradigm of blockchain technology and its associated utilities. 

In order to keep everyone in the loop of understanding the benefits of blockchain tech and its benefits, it would be of utmost importance to continue to enlighten more people by creating the required content to educate such followers.

There are a lot of data that can be generated and distributed globally to help create solutions and integrate the world in an efficient way. This has led developers to dig deep to come up with solutions to solve global problems.

However, there is the need to scale the various blockchains to accommodate more services and ensure the speed of transactions at the least possible cost.

The benefits of a native blockchain and Smart Contracts 2.0

The significance of scaling in the blockchain ecosystem has gradually become more necessary as blockchain adoption is gradually gaining momentum in almost every field of life. 

Consequently, with the help of subtle improvements in the system throughput rate, blockchain networks can accommodate new applications and an increased volume of transactions, thereby achieving the goal of scalability required for its efficiency, which includes network security, record keeping, and other purposes.

That’s why Klever worked hard on developing a better Smart contract system in order to make it more accessible to users and developers.

The so-called Smart Contracts 2.0, or Klever Contracts, is the highlight of this new system. To fully feel the difference, you have to be able to enjoy a less complex network.  

“With SmartContracts 2.0 engineers can significantly reduce development time, increase security by using native blockchain features. It allows you to focus on building the projects of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost”. 

Why develop KleverChain?

KleverChain is here to change and vastly improve the dynamic and essential relationship required between developers and blockchain foundations in order to achieve greater things together.

The use cases of KleverChain are both powerful and numerous, but all are based on usability. 

The notion of usability is directly reflected in the features Klever Blockchain has to offer since they are rooted in the Klever team’s own experience in building products on top of the world’s leading blockchain networks.

At Klever, the team aims to create a network based on security, efficiency, and innovation that empowers businesses and individuals to participate in the global decentralized economy in a trustless and accessible manner.

And all of this is not only for developers to build upon Klever but specifically for Klever itself. 

As the company states in their newest Klever Blockchain Whitepaper: 

It has always been our dream to build out the technology to support and power our own applications and line of user-centric Klever products while maintaining a fee structure that is controlled by the community and not decided by any third-party organization.” 

These products include but are not limited to Klever Wallet, Klever Swap, Klever Exchange, Klever Safe, and many others. 

Having a native blockchain will also enable new possibilities once KleverChain liberates the Klever Ecosystem from being chained to other blockchain requirements and rules. 

“We were limited by third party technologies to build our own products, services and applications. Limited by high fees, the lack of communication from blockchain foundations and limited by major exchanges who were reluctant to list our utility token KLV. KleverChain will remove all those limitations.”

Dio Ianakiara, Co-Founder & CEO of Klever.

Get ready for the future of Blockchain!

Developing with KleverChain, project developers can build decentralized applications in a way that has not been possible before.  

The Klever Blockchain makes it easy, cheap, and enjoyable for developers to build and deploy blockchain apps and integrate all essential crypto features into their projects, without even needing blockchain coding experience.

This is made possible by offering an array of ready-built and native decentralized applications, which have been analyzed, tested, optimized, and advanced through a half-year-long testnet period, plus one year of internal devnet testing in order to make your blockchain experience a secure, seamless, simple and inspiring as technologically possible.

It is indeed a no-brainer for blockchain developers to take advantage of KleverChain to enhance their efficiency and functionality with an assurance of security and quality of throughput during the use of the blockchain technology from the stables of Klever.

It is indeed a Klever thing to do.

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