3 KleverChain Solutions

Prior to the launch of the Klever blockchain (KleverChain) the team laid out a roadmap of their vision, which was a culmination of the thoughts of a very dynamic team.

They resolved to continue building no matter what obstacle came their way. They deployed every resource available to them in terms of skills, and human and financial resources in line with what they had purposed in their minds to achieve.

Eventually, this determined,  hardworking, resilient and highly skillful group of people midwived the birthing of the all-new KleverChain with a clear vision to solve some major problems associated with blockchain technology in a very simple way.

What is KleverChain?

Over the years, Klever has built products and services on the world’s top blockchain networks and currently runs 100+ blockchain nodes on top of 20+ major blockchain protocols to ensure optimal uptime for our global users. 

We have thus acquired vast expertise in blockchain technology, cryptography, immutability, and which technologies are most effective in facilitating the high performance, speed, security, and reliability.

KleverChain is here to change and vastly improve the dynamic and essential relationship required between developers and blockchain foundations in order to achieve greater things together and make such integration as simple as possible.

Use cases for the KleverChain

The use cases of KleverChain are both powerful and numerous, but all are based on usability. The notion of usability is directly reflected in the features Klever Blockchain has to offer since they are rooted in the Klever team’s own experience in building products on top of the world’s leading blockchain networks. 

Having this experience has made Klever focus on making blockchain building easier, simpler, faster, and smarter, but more importantly making it usable and enjoyable for developers and users alike.

The 3 key KleverChain solutions include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Smart Contracts 2.0: It is indeed an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of software developers who take time out to go the extra mile to achieve developmental goals like creating smart contracts. Although Smart Contracts are great, however, by removing their complexities as we know them today, Klever is replacing them with native-coded features in the blockchain. Hence we have created what we call Smart Contracts 2.0, or Klever Contracts.

    With Smart Contracts 2.0, engineers can significantly reduce development time, and increase security by using native blockchain features. This will eventually allow the developers to focus on building the projects of their dreams, especially at a fraction of what it would have initially cost them.
  1. Kapps: Klever Apps (Kapps) are on-chain applications developed by Klever Finance together with and for the Klever developers community. We are implementing a completely different approach such that instead of building from scratch, the developers can use the Klever Blockchain with smart contracts coded into the blockchain itself.

    This means that it will be easy to compile and pre-execute tests for developers, and thereby ensure a higher level of security for the application that is being built. 
  1. KleverOS SDK: Another intuitive tool created from the stables of the Klever team is the KleverOS SDK which is a toolkit that can be used for simple design, especially for mobile and web developers such that they do not require a deep understanding of crypto and blockchain. 

It is now possible to integrate such low code experiences which were previously unheard of in the blockchain space. Developers and builders will be able to offer decentralized financial products and services with extreme ease.

One of the key goals of the KleverOS SDK is to ensure that the Klever team focuses on the blockchain layer, especially because it is our expertise and specialty, and developers can focus on their application, thereby saving both a significant amount of time and costs for development.

The Klever team continues to welcome talented developers and investors who would want to support such achievements and help create a better platform for a better world.

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