How to stake and delegate KLV inside K5 Wallet

Users can now stake and delegate KLV, KleverChain’s main utility token in Klever Wallet, K5

On KleverChain, KLV is used to pay transaction fees, stake validators, reward validators, delegate, mint, and transfer tokens. KleverChain and all Klever products, platforms, and services will be more credible, accountable, flexible, and independent with KLV as the main utility token for all primary activities.

With Klever, anyone can earn passive income by staking tokens inside the K5 Wallet using their mobile device anywhere around the world. 

Staking KLV tokens inside K5 Wallet is explained in this tutorial. 

The first step is to click on the Balance tab on the home page’s bottom menu. Then select the KLV (Klever) token and choose an account.

How to stake the KLV token inside your Klever K5 Wallet?

The second step is to press the STAKE icon within your KLV account. Once you’re on the staking page, click the Staking button and input your stake amount.

The minimum amount of KLV you can stake at a time is 1000 KLV. And, we recommend you keep some KLV unstaked in your account, at least 2 KLV which is needed to perform the staking transaction. This is because KLV is the fuel token of KleverChain. That's you need to pay some fees in KLV to perform transactions on KleverChain. You will also need a few KLV later to unstake your KLV or to send any KDA token. 

On the next screen, you’ll see details about your staking transaction. Sign the transaction by pressing the Confirm button and entering your PIN code or biometric information.

Each time you stake a new bucket is created. Each account can have up to 100 buckets. Having more than one bucket allows you to split your KLV between several validators. Each bucket can be delegated to one validator.

Learn how you can delegate them to your choice of validator to earn rewards.

In order to earn rewards, you must delegate your KLV tokens to a validator. In order to delegate your KLV to several validators, you must split your KLV into buckets and stake each bucket separately.

To delegate a KLV bucket to a validator, click on the Manage buckets button. You can then choose from a list of validators. Finally, click Confirm.

How to delegate your KLV tokens to a KleverChain validator?
Klever does not provide all validators. Klever community members serve as validators. Delegating your KLV tokens to a validator should be done wisely. The validator with the smallest commission may give you more rewards. Validators who contribute to the success of KleverChain, such as by building a dApp or crafting good materials, will benefit everyone in the long run. In some cases, validators use commissions to fund their projects.

The rewards received by users who stake KLV is dynamic and depends on several factors. These include staked amount, procent staked, block rewards, commission rate from validators and total transactions. Terms and conditions, E&OE apply. 
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