K5: a bright future ahead with the community being the biggest inspiration 

In Klever, the user is always at the center of every action, constantly building, improving, and getting better.

Klever K5 Wallet’s launch has been the buzz in the last few days. The new and improved Klever Wallet app brings a faster, safer and even more powerful structure to provide one of the greatest user experiences in the market when it comes to crypto wallets.

Everything about this new version of the Klever Wallet app comes from the point of view of the user and it’s safe to say that our team is always thinking: ‘what can we do to solve/enhance what the community brought to us?’. 

Not only the official spokesperson and other communicators of Klever are online in Twitter, Discord and other media platforms – everyone in our team sees what has been brought to the table of the internet discussions and tries to figure out the best way to approach those questions. 

As a result, Klever keeps constantly building, improving and getting better, regardless of the market season. This is the reflection of a community-driven approach for building and marketing where the center of every action is the user. 

The (New) Power of the Community 

Marketing strategies for the sale and consumption of web3 products and technologies are proving to be a separate niche, as the digital universe is gaining new contours and regulations. 

By now, we all know that communication within Web3 takes place in a decentralized manner, where users not only opine and distribute information, but also have properties and rights of governance and utility within the projects they disseminate.

People begin to feel an active part of the product as they also have governance powers and decision-making powers (img: unsplash) 

In the book “The new power – How to disseminate ideas, engage people and always be one step ahead in a hyperconnected world” , Timms and Heimans already attributed these decentralizing characteristics to communities in general (not specifically web3 communities).

Old power works like a coin. It is owned by a few. Once conquered, it is jealously guarded, and the powerful have a substantial stash to spend. It is closed, unapproachable and driven by a leader. It’s ‘download and save’.

The new power operates in a different way, like a chain. It is done by many. It is open, participatory and driven by peers. It’s upload and distribute. Like water or electricity, it is strongest when it rises suddenly. With new power, the goal is not to accumulate, but to channel.” 

Henry Timms; Jeremy Heimans. The New Power – How to Spread Ideas, Engage People and Stay One Step Ahead in a Hyperconnected World

Isn’t it interesting to observe some of the expressions used by the authors here?

When they talk about the old power they say ‘Coin. Powerful. Download and Save’.

When they talk about the new power, they use ‘Chain. Open. Peers. Upload and distribute’.

It kind of fits perfectly with concepts of the web3, decentralization and the blockchain itself. 

However, as previously said, to affirm that the power of community was a concept born from the web3 is wrong – it’s more as the web3 embraces and empowers a consequence of a world that already was walking towards decentralization. 

Terms such as “community marketing” and roles as “community manager” already are communication trends. In the 2022 report by BitstoBrands, a newsletter about branding, technology and behavior, “Communities” is at the top of the list of trends for brands’ communication strategy.

In the document, the author reiterates that “in 2022, it is no longer possible to underestimate the ability to find people in the right context, and participate in environments where interests go beyond the brand and consumption, and are about genuine engagement” – Beatriz Guarezi in  Behavior and Technology Trends for Brands in 2022 (and beyond), BitstoBrands.

Communities are made of people with the same passion for a product or service and they can make all the difference (gif: GIPHY) 

And we can say easily that Klever has that genuine relationship resulting in great products already made and yet to be launched. 

Klever’s community takes the products further

When the idea of products such as Klever K5 Wallet are born, they already have the users in mind.

As Dio Ianakiara (Klever’s Co-Founder & CEO) started the company itself it was about having a product that did not lead people to mistakes and errors as he suffered before.

That being said, each product comes with with Klever’s pillars:

1. Build with Safety

2. Be Innovative
3. Deliver Easy to use products

All of that combined with 24/7 Support, considered the best customer service in the crypto world.

Klever K5 Wallet is growing based on community’s requests

While still a BETA version, the K5 already had quite a mission: to deliver a product that was better than the acclaimed Klever 4.

It was indeed a difficult mission because the fourth version of the Klever Wallet app had amazing reviews and enthusiastic users thus far – and actually still has, as the K4 version continues to work while users migrate to the new K5 and new features are yet to be implemented in K5.

However, as the crypto world evolves every second and especially with the launch of the KleverChain, it was necessary to build something bigger and better with the backbone of Klever’s native blockchain. 

To build that, we counted on users’ perspective in an active way, as we promoted a survey where everyone who wished to collaborate could do so, by downloading the beta version, making their own analysis and reviews and filling the survey questions that were sent directly to our Klever Wallet team. 

From the start, Klever K5 Wallet invested in user experiences, providing:

The community is asking and Klever will deliver

There are still more to come as K5 possibilities are endless.

Soon, Klever will release its Klever Swap V2, where the main product of the company will get better and extremely powerful. 

Klever Swap V2 is soon to be released in Klever K5 Wallet app (img: Klever)

By using our own native Swap technology, the Klever K5 Wallet will allow you to exchange Klever (KLV), Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), and many other crypto assets, and trade your tokens in a simple, fast, and convenient manner at a low cost.

Klever Swap V2 also will bring: 

Klever K5 Wallet also will count on the support of p2p Bitcoin (BTC) using Native SegWit technology, giving faster and safer coin transferring. 

Klever will also launch soon, through its K5 wallet, the ultimate Klever Marketplace where premium partners will be integrated directly into Klever Wallet, allowing seamless access to their services – for now, you can already try that with the Unstoppable Domains feature and soon enough it will be Travala’s in-app feature. 

All of this and much more is coming in K5’s way due to our constant vigilance of what users and investors bring as contributions in our media channels. Klever still believes that all that we achieved that led us to success has a piece of our users’ minds – and we repay them with more quality products.

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