Klever Finance Token (KFI) Swap is now available in Klever Wallet

Use Klever Wallet K4 to swap KFI (TRC20) to KFI (Mainnet) (1:21)

KFI Swap

On KleverChain, the Klever Finance Token (KFI) represents community governance. As promised and showcased in our phased KleverChain rollout plan, the swap has now been made available for all KFI (TRC20) holders. 

Using your Klever Wallet, K4 app, you can now securely swap your KFI (TRC20) tokens to KleverChain Mainnet at a ratio of 1:21.

Important KFI notice: 

By using an on-chain voting system, KFI token holders can control the app protocol configuration (like application fees and referrals) as well as approve new apps. KFI owners are eligible to receive application rewards in KLV.

Read the Klever Blockchain Whitepaper – KFI (Page 62)

As part of the KFI governance community, each application can decide its own fees, and 100% of the fees will be distributed autonomously to all KFI holders, who will need to manually claim the rewards. To receive application rewards, KFI holders must freeze their KFI. As one of the main features, network participants can add KLV as liquidity for all Klever-based Tokens in order to mine KFI tokens.

To summarize, KLV is the main utility token of KleverChain, while KFI is the blockchain’s governance token.

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