Klever Staking enables passive income

Klever opens the opportunities to anyone with a mobile device anywhere in the world to earn a passive income, with hourly rewards. Nothing like it has ever existed or been so easily accessible before.

In life people don’t involve themselves in projects or adventures that are not profitable in any way. It’s simply unprofitable.

This is nothing new as it has been applicable in the ancient times where kings carry out expeditions and voyages to conquer territories. Their nobles and scientists carry out their research and proffer solutions to the kings in order for them to take over territories as they deem fit for the possibility of expanding their income base and profiting to their kingdom. 

This can be attributed as to why ancient civilizations like the Roman empire, British empire, Portuguese empire and French empire all had dominating influence in territories which have been conquered by these nations. All these are the benefits accruable to their expedition and thus reflecting in their nation’s wealth and revenue stream.

In more recent times, investments and business opportunities have taken a different dimension and impact, where investors or individuals’ channel their resources into business opportunities with the aim of making good returns on their investments. 

In the early 20th century, people were more involved in the stock market and shares of companies globally such that when profits were made, it was paid to the investors according to the level of investment in these businesses.

In our time, as a result of the development in the blockchain technology industry, various new business opportunities in financial technology are being created at a rapid rate. It all started with the creation of the first blockchain, namely Bitcoin, then came the production of tokens on several blockchain, then there was the DeFi development stage which created room for projects to implement staking options. 

Staking is essentially a reward to holders for locking up their tokens in support of the project.

In simple terms, staking cryptocurrencies is a process that involves buying and setting aside a certain amount of tokens, either to become an active validating node for the network or to simply become part of the token’s community of believers and supporters. 

By simply holding these coins, the buyer becomes an important piece in the network’s security infrastructure and is compensated accordingly for keeping their coins or tokens. 

This indeed introduced a whole new ballgame for passive income generation for especially those who are involved in the staking processes.

There is indeed a whole new ballgame staking in the Klever wallet, as this gives some of the best rewards for staking using the most advanced encrypted technology for generating passive income for its users. And Klever’s staking is so incredibly simple from a user perspective that literally anyone, at any age, can do it. And they all do!

Klever wallet has been known for its innovative strides in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space. 

It implemented multitasking ability by staking Tron tokens with a different APR, then it added other tokens including its own Klever Coin (KLV), which turned out to be some of the best passive income generators in the past 9 months for any coin in all of crypto. 

Today, more than 50% of all KLV in circulation is frozen and staked by the KLV community, underlining the deep trust and believe KLV holders have in the Klever team and their vision for a more fair and equal financial future, where everyone has the human right to own their money and be masters of their economic fate.

This did not only make many millionaires but gave everyone the opportunity to increase their finances by just staking their tokens in the Klever wallet. There were instances of people all over the world testifying to the great opportunity given to them to be able to grow their income especially by themselves just by using the Klever ecosystem, which empowered them to take control of their finances and by extension their wealth. 

Wealth creation and preservation are some of the key goals of the Klever team to eradicate poverty globally. This can be deduced from the passion inherent in the CEO and Co-founder Dio Ianakiara who grew up in the suburbs of Sao Paulo in Brazil, as one coming from a poor background to contribute his quota to the development of human capital and helping the same to grow their finances. 

However, the Klever team has never rested on its past glory of creating innovative mediums of achieving their goal of empowering people, it has recently added more opportunities for people to stake more of the tokens mined out of the Klever Labs like the Klever Finance Token (KFI) and more recently the Devikins token (DVK) which creates more passive income for users of the Klever wallet.

To conclude, today Klever offers staking not only for KLV, although it is the most popular option, but also KFI, DVK, TRX and REEF, with many more coins and tokens soon to go live for staking in Klever.

By enabling these staking options, Klever opens the opportunities to anyone with a mobile device anywhere in the world to earn a passive income, with hourly rewards, 24 hours a day. Nothing like it has ever existed or been so easily accessible before. 

Say no more, Klever cares.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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