KleverChain: important links that you should save

These links are essential for anyone interested in building on KleverChain, whether you are an enthusiast or a developer.

When entering the Web3 world there’s a lot to take in. 

That’s why important documents and links can help you navigate those new waters in a smoother and more immersive way. 

Moreover, when it comes to a brand-new product or service on the web, it becomes even more important to have a deeper understanding of what is new; what’s been done; who is involved in it; how it changes your web3 experience and any more information. 

And even though some questions keep popping up, you can always count on the community to share your doubts, answer someone else’s questions, and interact in any way you can. 

KleverChain’s important links 

As the new and revolutionary blockchain of Klever reaches new heights, it seems fundamental to save some important links to always have at your disposal in case you need them. 

1. KleverChain Slack

The brand new KleverChain Slack was made for those who love to engage and learn more about the blockchain’s workings. 

If you are looking for deeper thoughts on how Klever’s blockchain operates, discuss it with other developers and members of the support team, this is the place. 

And if you still have any second thoughts about Klever’s openness and transparency, you must join this Slack – divided into channels such as ‘extension developers’, ‘blockchain-developers’ and a random channel, you can ask anything, and the answer will pop up in a matter of minutes (hours tops) by a Klever team member or a Klever fan. 

KleverChain’s Slack unites developers, enthusiasts and Klever team members (img: unsplash)

2. KleverChain Whitepaper 

This one is necessary for everybody. 

As some of you may know (and others are learning), the Whitepaper contains the essence of a project. 

KleverChain’s Whitepaper cover

In KleverChain’s Whitepaper in specific, you can find:

And more. 

3. KleverChain Blog 

When in Web3, you must keep updated. To follow what’s new inside not only the ecosystem itself but the whole Web3 market can be what leads you to an expert status. 

The KleverChain has its own blog posts that can help understand a bit more about the blockchain and its updates too. 

Here are some of the topics shared recently in KleverChain’s blog:

4. Documentation for Devs

Hey, dev! Everything you need to know regarding documentation for your project built on top of KleverChain is here.

5. KleverOS Software Development Kit (SDK)

The KleverOS SDK brings an uncomplicated design, where mobile and web developers do not require a deep understanding of crypto and blockchain. 

KleverChain SDK page

With such low code integration previously unheard of in the blockchain space, developers and builders will be able to offer decentralized financial products and services with extreme ease.

6. KApp Demo

Klever Apps (Kapps) are on-chain applications developed by Klever Finance together with and for the Klever developers’ community.

Utilizing ready-built Kapps for all developers to use results in blockchain applications that are safer by design since they are native into the blockchain as well as easy to use for the developers – the process will just be a function call, not a complex and often vulnerable smart contract.

Github page for Klever KApps demo

This demo application is a way to help users get started with the blockchain Kapps flows.

It is also meant as a reference open repository for developers to get started with the usage of the Kleverchain SDK.

Demo link: https://kapps-demo-testnet.web.app/ 

Github link: https://github.com/klever-io/kapps-demo-public#kapps-demo-application

7. API

You can also test KleverChain’s API. With our powerful Klever API, developers can build and manage their own blockchain and crypto applications without incurring deep wallet development and integration costs.

Klever’s API 

KleverChain is the key to unlock your Web3 aspirations

Easy to use, no need for expertise in blockchain and extremely safe to implement; that’s the KleverChain motto. 

The Klever company continues to build and to listen to its users to make the perfect ecosystem for anyone who wants to build a web3 project. 

By increasing the reach of users, we aim to be a place where everyone interested in web3 can feel empowered to do whatever they want to in this brand-new decentralized world. 

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