The klever choice is yours: Buy from 5 Crypto Providers

With a choice of five payment gateways, users can buy crypto with their debit & credit cards.

buy crypto from 5 payment gateways

If you have purchased crypto from any exchange or wallet, there might be one or two payment gateways, where you can make the purchase.

However, the Klever Wallet (K5) has partnered with five world’s top payment gateways to provide varied services for users, so that they get ample options to make their crypto purchase seamlessly.

In addition to Simplex, Klever has added four more payment gateways so users can choose from any of them.

Furthermore, K5 also offers a clear view of how much users will pay in commissions on all the five payment gateways before making their purchases.

There are several financial partners, but Klever has selected a handful of those that can achieve its goal of globalizing the adoption of crypto.

Let’s check in details which are these five providers that Klever has added to the wallet.


With its extensive network of partners, Simplex, a licensed financial institution, is able to accept the broadest range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA, and more. 

This opens up a window of opportunity for Simplex to expand its dragnet to a variety of nations and markets, giving current users and potential new users access to cryptocurrencies.


Founded in 2014 in Canada, Banxa is one of the top publicly traded payments and compliance organizations for the world of digital assets. 

It has conversion rates up to three times greater than credit card-only solutions because it provides more local and international payment options than any other on-and-off-ramp solution.

Banxa has been providing high-quality service to its various clients and is a significant player in the financial services industry. 

When combined with the accompanying crypto licenses, the company’s wide network of local payment options allows Banxa to give users access to the largest audience and the highest conversion rates. 

The only platform that supports worldwide off-ramping of stablecoins through local bank transactions is Banxa.


The business was founded in 2019 with the explicit purpose of developing a straightforward and safe software solution that would allow users from all over the world to take part in the biggest financial digital revolution since the advent of the internet.

Since then, the company has attained a high level of notoriety, and almost all cryptocurrency exchanges have partnered with them to push cryptocurrency to a global level and give new people in the industry the same access as expert traders.

This firm has expanded its user base globally to serve a variety of customers, including private people, small- and large-scale business owners, and to enable crypto to fiat transactions both ways. 


Mercuryo is a multinational corporation that has advanced the implementation of financial services for the commercial sector, of which cryptocurrency is now a crucial component.

By improving the on-ramp and off-ramp payment for crypto platforms and other business models, they enable cutting-edge technology for business solutions, providing quick and secure access to people everywhere without any restrictions. 

It is a comprehensive fintech platform that offers a variety of financial services to international businesses from the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds, all through a single API integration. 

It is a one-stop shop for all aspects of cryptocurrency and fiat solution providers, opening it up to a big pool of financial services on a global scale.


Transak is a company that was established with the intention of introducing a developer integration toolkit to enable consumers to purchase and sell cryptocurrency in any application, website, or web plugin. 

Additionally, they have made it simple for any web or app developer to incorporate a transaction tool that enables customers to buy cryptocurrency using their fiat gateway.

Table showing the benefits of the fiat payment gateway on K5:

Fiat Gateway PartnerNumber of security issuesNumber of countries covered/ supportedNature of crypto friendliness
SimplexNone130 +Very crypto-friendly
BanxaNone113+Crypto friendly 
MercuryoNone110+Crypto friendly
MoonpayNone180+Very crypto-friendly
TransakNone125+Very crypto-friendly

With all the five payment gateways, it provides complete freedom to users to choose the best payment that suits their needs.

Indeed, Klever does work on a mission to bring in financial freedom for not only in crypto, but also for selecting the payment gateways that users can select to buy crypto through fiat.

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