WeTrade offers Indian crypto users 2% TDS cashback with its app

Crypto startup overall offers 3% cash back for using its application

WeTrade offer Indian crypto users 2% TDS

Bengaluru based crypto startup firm, WeTrade has announced the debut of its cryptocurrency investment platform, which delivers immediate payouts and pays for TDS fees to users.

By providing a 2% TDS payback on every investment, the application also offers users an additional 1% cashback on every sale. 

With this, the application becomes one of the first apps that lives up to its claim of being a reward-driven platform.

Additionally, the business offers a user-friendly onboarding procedure while upholding strict standards of oversight to guarantee that customer funds are protected. Customers also get access to zero transaction fee single-click wallet recharges and withdrawals. 

The platform also features an advanced audit and tracking mechanism to ensure that consumers can trade without worry and receive help with tax laws. The platform wants to use its own IP to give itself a competitive edge.

Their algorithm mixes the nascent crypto space with conventional financial savvy and is powered by strong technology know-how.

The platform benefits its users by enabling them to take advantage of the combined advantages of price appreciation and incentive multiplication.

It takes less than a minute to begin investing in cryptocurrencies because of its user interface, which offers quick and safe KYC, one-click buy/sell, and other features.

With the introduction of WeTrade, users mostly middle-class Indians will be able to start investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Speaking on the launch, WeTrade founder & CEO Prashant Kumar said that the platform is looking to provide Indian users with the financial advantages of blockchain technologies with a simple interface. “With every purchase comes a 2%  cash back reward, and we’ve also announced an additional 1% cash back to help pay TDS fees”. 

“Our team, which consists of crypto enthusiasts and industry veterans from the finest technological businesses and institutions in India, is extraordinarily talented. We are sure that the most streamlined consumer application in the crypto industry will bring the finest of Web 3.0”, Kumar stressed.

The platform strives to be one of the easiest-to-use cryptocurrency apps in India, enabling users to trade and invest with ease and receive generous incentives.

Since its beginning, the company has expanded its reach as it has been now installed in over 10,000 plus in the first month of its launch.

All new customers will also receive NFTs as a welcome bonus, which they can keep, trade, and use to earn more incentives by sharing on social media.

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