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Huobi Token (HT) is a native token of the Huobi crypto exchange, which helps users to pay in the native token, rather than the crypto they are trading with.

In 2013, Huobi was one of the first crypto exchanges to allow investment in initial coin offerings (ICOs) rather than only trading in cryptocurrencies. That means that users can invest early in any crypto projects after going through all the details on the platform. 

Before we see what users can do with HT in Klever Wallet, let us first learn more about HT.

Launch of HT coin

In order to provide more facilities to its users, the Huobi crypto exchange launched its own native token in 2018. 

Following Binance, HT allows holders to earn rewards, vote in governance, and also gain special access to Huobi events.

Though the Huobi exchange was founded in 2013, it was merely a trading platform for a handful of cryptocurrencies then. 

It was once one of the earliest companies to bring a platform where people would get more opportunities to trade in cryptocurrency.

The exchange was founded in China but moved on to Seychelles, which is more crypto-friendly with all regulations. 

However, in August 2018, after acquiring a 74% stake in Hong Kong electronics manufacturer Pantronics Holdings, Huobi became a public company and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

In November 2020, Huobi entered the Malaysian market with its crypto exchange Huobi Labuan and in September 2021, it announced the stopping of service in China due to new regulations.

In May 2022, Huobi announced its entry into the Latin American market with the acquisition of the crypto trading platform, Bitex.

Founders of Huobi Token

Leon Li founded Huobi in 2013 along with Jun Du. Before this, Li was working as a computer engineer at Oracle. Li graduated from Tsinghua University. 

Before starting his own company, Li was very impressed with Bitcoin and later took his exchange to new heights with various news products. 

Jun Du was the co-founder that used to head Comsenz’s community operations. 

He has also worked for Chinese tech giant Tencent, and has worked as CEO of Node Capital, a venture capital firm focused on the blockchain industry, and BiKi.com, a digital currency trading platform. 

Du also founded Jinse, a blockchain service platform integrating industry news, market information, and data.

What is Huobi USP?

Users of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) get voting rights to all the holders of Huobi Token. 

Other than voting rights, users also get rewards from Huobi exchange in HT in addition to other ranges of discounts.

VIP holders of HT get a series of discounts, which allows them to save money on paying commissions on trading.

It allows HT to exchange into various pairs, making it convenient for users to gain other crypto assets in return for HT.

If any new crypto tokens are listed on the exchange, HT token holders receive coins and also can also receive a wallet bonus.

HT also gets protection from any losses, as they are covered under the Investor Protection Program, where the exchange has made a provision in case a situation arises. This provides a financial security cover to HT users.

Holders can participate in decision-making, as they can vote and decide the future developments of the Huobi exchange and its ecosystem.

$HT Overview 

Trading Volume $44.16 million 
Market Cap $1.09 billion
StatusTop 50 crypto projects
Total Supply500 million
Circulating Supply154 million
All-Time High (May 12, 2021)$34.65
All Time Low (Jan 29, 2019)$0.91

Source: CoinMarketCap

HT coin in Klever Wallet

Users holding HT can do a lot of activities by holding HT in their Klever Wallet. Let’s check them.


By holding HT in Klever Wallet, users can stake their HT and earn interest. This way, users can earn passive income.


Holding HT also allows users to check how much charge they will have to pay if they buy a token on Klever Wallet. 

Send & Receive

Users can send HT to other users and also receive them in their Klever Wallet. 

Remember that the sending HT token address and receiving address are different. If you send HT to the wrong address, it can be lost forever.

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